Meet the Founders

Pastor Carl Grice

Pastor Carl Grice is the Senior Pastor, Founder and Overseer of Praying Time Ministry Church of God In Christ, located 45 Railroad Street Greencastle. Pa. Pastor Grice received his Master Teaching certificate from Samuel Kelsey Bible Institute, Washington, D.C. in affiliation of Charles H. Mason system of Bible Colleges, Church of God in Christ, Memphis Tennessee.  While studying, he was valedictorian of his class, and awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement certificate.  Pastor Carl Grice served his church faithfully as a member, deacon, elder, and now pastor, culminating over 30 years.  God favored his faithfulness and blessed him to feed his people: The living Word.

Pastor Grice leads his flock as God instructs him from day to day.  He believes that members deserve sincere responses from a straightforward leader and teacher not, flashy slogans or gimmicks.  He listens to his members and teaches God’s word in plain straight talk, so that it becomes applicable to life challenges. It’s for all who have felt overlooked, lost, confused and hopeless.  Pastor and Mother Grice are dedicated to doing the right thing, listening, and caring and delivering God’s word.

They are committed to sustaining, improving and restoring people to live Godly in this world.  He listens to his members, encouraging them to experience the love, peace and joy of God’s promises. Undertaking renovations on a new eight thousand square foot building, establishing a 24 hour prayer tower, and reaching out to the community at large, is just a few examples of how Pastors Carl and Corletta Grice work to fulfill that commitment.

Pastor Cloretta Grice

Pastor Cloretta Grice was born in Dixon Mills, Alabama on February 25, 1951.  She settled in Washington, D. C., attended Kirkland Memorial COGIC and St. Paul Miracle Temple, COGIC, respectively.  Pastor Grice served the Washington, D.C. area for many years as a seasoned prayer warrior, eventually leading to an appointment by Mother Hampton, as president of the jurisdictional Prayer Warriors.  God granted his faithful servant favor, and elevated her to serve in many capacities: evangelist, church mother, prayer warrior, Delaware State Supervisor, pastor and friend. She has persistently served God and the church for over 30 years, culminating to co-found Praying Time Ministries, COGIC, Greencastle, PA. Pastor Grice created an advertiser sponsored bi-monthly evangelical program on WJLA-TV and serves as leader of the “Annual Prayer” conference, initiated by Praying Time Ministry, that now welcomes church leaders, prayer warriors and participants from all over the region.

Pastor Grice has faithfully pleased God by serving his people through: praying, fasting, consecration and intercession on their behalf.  She lives the sermons that she preaches.  As pastor, what remains at the forefront of her being at all times is, “We must be about our Father’s business” and, “Prayer without ceasing.”  As co-founder of Praying Time Ministry, COGIC, God uses her home church as a catalyst to spread his word through Revivals, Seminars, Shut-Ins and Prayer conferences. Working harmoniously with her husband, Carl and Cloretta, developed effective communication using a variety of media, including written and video communications; work with community leaders and public officials to enhance the image of God’s work in the community; work within the structure of the community and anticipate the needs of God’s people; above all, praying daily for God’s people everywhere.  Pastor Grice is a woman called to serve for such a time as this.


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